Texas high rollers

The Texas High Roller

Texas Holdem, Online Casino, and Mobile Casino for the VIP High Roller

We all know, everything is big in Texas, besides the big Texas ten gallon cowboy hats, big opinions, big personalities, big cowboys, and of course the big Texas hearts! They also have the big VIP Texas high rollers, they love to work hard and play even harder. In my eyes anyone that puts in a good days work is a VIP, whether it's blue collar or white collar, and as a VIP you should be rewarded with the VIP treatment you deserve.

A short history of Texas Hold'em and the Texas High Rollers

As many of you already know Texas Holdem or Hold'em, is now one of the most popular poker games in the world today. Texas Hold'em has become a staple of land based casinos, online casinos and is a favorite in all poker rooms. Robstown, Texas is officially known as the birthplace of Texas Hold'em. In its early days it was just called Hold'em, after it spread through Texas it was brought to Las Vegas by some well known Texas gamblers, adding to the name Texas Hold'em. The Golden Nugget Casino was the only casino to offer Texas Holdem in Las Vegas for many years. In 1969 it was further legitimized when it was included in the "Gambling Fraternity Convention" and renamed to the now familiar "World Series of Poker" Texas Hold'em is now found at almost every land based casino as well as the online casinos. It is truly a game for a Texas high roller!

Texas VIP High Rollers, Enjoy Texas Hold'em at the VIP Lounge

For the VIP Texas high roller, the truly best VIP online casino I've found is the exclusive VIP Lounge by "Jackpot Factory Casinos Group" One of the most reputable online casino groups in the world. This VIP online casino is in a class of its own and genuinely treats their VIPs the way they deserve! With exclusive promotions, gifts, first class travel, a dedicated VIP support team and more. Another great thing is you can carry your VIP status and promotions to any of the Jackpot Factory Casinos. Of course you may be content staying at your exclusive and private VIP online casino suite.

Mobile Casino / Cell Phone Casino, for the VIP high roller on the go!

Besides the exclusive VIP casino lounge and their other top of the line casinos, Jackpot Factory Casinos also goes one-up for the Texas VIP on the go. A mobile casino provided by Wild Jack Casino. For those times when your not by a computer you have the option of playing on your cell phone / mobile phone, PDA, palm pilot, smartphone, it's a great way to have some fun while waiting in a long line, boring meetings, sitting in the outhouse, beach, etc. Wild Jack Mobile Casino has many of your favorite games that you'd expect. Mobile Poker, mobile Blackjack, Keno, Roulette, Baccarat, Scratch card, Jacks or Better, mobile Slots, Video Poker, and of course mobile Craps and more.

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